A Community Supported Pub?

Here is the story of how we got started. For what's happening now, please see our current blog!

As chronicled on this blog, Terry and I have been working for the past 2 years to create a cozy little old-fashioned pub and micro-brewery in downtown Antigonish; a place where people can gather to chat, be entertained, and enjoy the wide variety of great beers, wines, and food being produced in the Maritimes today. I came across a New York Times article a few years ago describing an innovative community based funding model. To help restaurants in small-town Vermont get started, enthusiastic customers pre-paid for food to be enjoyed there in the future. A great conversation with the manager of one such restaurant, Claire’s in Hardwick, VT, inspired us to launch our own version. We’re calling it the SUDS Club. We have over 50 members (ranging from individuals to couples to groups of friends or colleagues) who have contributed and helped a new community-based business start-up with a small loan that will be paid back in-kind – our members are the co-creators of Nova Scotia's first Community Supported Restaurant, and Antigonish's first brewpub! 
*NB: The Port Pub in Port William, NS, is arguably the 1st Community Supported Pub, although it doesn't use the Community Supported Restaurant model we're referring to here. It was started through the creation of a CEDIF, or Community Economic Development Investment Fund. For more info on CEDIFs and The Port, please see our earlier post about start-up models.

How it works:
 By joining the SUDS Club members buy a $1000 subscription for meals to be enjoyed at the Townhouse over the next 4 years. To show our appreciation for such remarkable community support, each subscriber will receive an extra $200 of coupons, and be invited to annual dinner and celebration for all SUDS Club members! For a more detailed discussion of Community Supported Restaurants and how they originated, please see this earlier post.

The details:
Each $1000 subscription entitles you to:
12 x $25 meal coupons, or 6 x $50 meal coupons, each year for 4 years
1 x $25 coupon can be redeemed each month, or 1 x $50 coupon every 2 months
That’s a $200 return on your initial “investment.”
Plus: You’ll receive an invitation to the annual SUDS Club Dinner and Celebration!

 Coupons will expire if not used each month (or every 2nd month), but they are transferable–you are welcome to pass them on to friends or family members.