Monday, May 28, 2012

Location, location, location!

Well, folks, the day has finally come... 

We are so very pleased to announce that The Townhouse Brewpub & Eatery will be opening at 76 College St. in the very near future!  We have a few very busy weeks ahead of us–we're doing some minor renovations ("pub-ifying" the place), installing the brewery (see photos!), and getting our kitchen organized. We're hoping to open our doors in early June.

Family have been chipping in with the painting....

New window benches by Terry

More benches waiting to be installed, stained, & upholstered...

The SABCO Brew Magic, our nano-brewery,  has arrived!

Working lunch of Chipotle Chili & Arroz Verde.

We, like many of you, are sorry to be losing the Alcove Bistro and we would like to take a minute to thank Lise Roy for 7 years of great food, drink, and service, and for the wonderful opportunity she has given us–we couldn't imagine a better space to house a cozy community pub. There is something really nice about starting out in a building that has seen so many generations of friends and families meeting up to share meals, catch up, celebrate, commiserate, etc. We'd love to hear more about those earlier incarnations (Frescoes, The Venice, The Rose Bowl...), and to check out any photos or memorabilia that people might have hung onto. We're also hoping to add to the curiosities, nostalgic ephemera, & beer related paraphernalia that we've been collecting over the past few years to adorn our walls. We like the idea of having lots of neat stuff around to engage and bemuse while sipping your pints, so let us know if you have some odd or extraordinary items that deserve to be marvelled over and might like to donate/loan to the Townhouse.

Most of all we want to thank the Suds Club and everyone in town (and beyond!) who has lent us a helping hand along the way - thanks so much for helping to bring this idea to life. We certainly couldn't have done it without the support of an incredible community. And really that's what this whole thing is about, and what makes it all worthwhile–bringing people together for the sheer pleasure of one another's company. And, of course, the beer. And all the yummy food... Anyway, the point is, it wouldn't be worth doing without a dynamic and diverse community to bring together. We are so ready to get cooking and can't wait to celebrate with you all!

In the meantime - CHEERS! 
from a jubilant Rose & Terry


  1. Man...this is so freakin' exciting. HUZZAH~!!

  2. Nice looking SABCO! How often do you plan on brewing and how many different beers will you have on tap?