Sunday, April 14, 2013

This week at The Townhouse

Tuesday, April 16th, 7pm


Join author Stephen Law as he launches his social justice thriller, Tailings of Warren Peace. A corrupt mining company, repossessed gravestones, a man’s fractured past, mysterious notes posted to lampposts and murder deep in the highlands of Guatemala. In Tailings of Warren Peace, Stephen Law effortlessly weaves these elements into a powerful story of love and memory, exploring how the past haunts us and how solidarity can save us all. Mysterious, passionate and powerful, Tailings of Warren Peace shows us the interconnections that exist between us, transcending social class, culture and geography. 

Thursday, April 18th, 9pm
Tickets at the door.

The Townhouse is very happy to announce our next live musical performance: Al Tuck, PEI native, and long time fixture of the Halifax music scene, he is one of Rose & Terry's all-time favourite singer/songwriters (and if you know Terry and his general feelings on the subject of the singer/songwriter you'll know that's saying a lot). Here's an excerpt from his bio:

So – who exactly is he? Well, he’s not exactly a folk singer (Al is too funny to be a folk singer), and he’s nobody’s indie darling (he’s too steeped in roots to be an indie rocker). Country, blues, r&b, rock, dub and maybe even a little vaudeville are all on his map, but he doesn’t really live inside of them. He is, as anyone who has ever met the man will tell you, his own one-of-a-kind creature from first to last. His consummate musical grace and dreamy drawling vocals belie one of the sharpest and most deliberate songwriting minds in music today. He is as perversely funny as the best of Randy Newman, as warm and inviting as Mississippi John Hurt, and as quick with a turn of phrase as Cole Porter. He is one of that rare breed who is tuned to observe life’s details, sympathetic to our devils as well as our angels, and never failing to find the punchline on either side of the line. And like a fine wine or an old song, he seems to only get better with the years.

His music might be difficult to define, but it is definitely not to be missed! If you don't want to take our word for it, how about the word from some of the biggest names in contemporary Canadian music? His fans include Old Man Leudecke, Joel Plaskett, Jason Collett, Sloan, and a gal named Feist. 

“I feel like we have our own living legend. And he’s alive, he’s out on tour… everyone in their right mind should just go sit and listen... We’re lucky he’s got the words and he’s sharing them.” - Feist

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