Wednesday, June 26, 2013

We're gonna be on TV - They're shooting tomorrow!!!

Eastlink Magazine will be in our kitchen and the pub tomorrow shooting for a segment called "Nova Scotia's Best"!

We were nominated (and apparently won!) their online competition in the Best Slowfood category. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with the movement that started in Italy in 1989, Slowfood basically means local/real/homemade food in opposition to big box, frozen & deep-fried "fast-food", not that you wait for a really long time for it.

We're pretty excited, and honoured by the recognition, and are hoping for an extra good night in the pub for them to shoot. We'll be talking a lot about our great local suppliers – Vacheresse Meat's, Knoydart Cheese, The Pork Shop, the local lobster fishermen, Seabright Gardens, Eastern Sun Farm, and MacLennan's Glenn gardens, to name a few – and a bit about the SUDS Club, too. But let's face it, this pub would be nothing without the support of an awesome community! So...
We would really appreciate it if any of you can come out tomorrow night, Thursday, June 27, to join us around 4:30pm and help us put our local food scene on the map! They will need a few people to comment on the Townhouse and our food, and tell them why you might like it. It would really mean a lot to us if any of you could come and look good eating some food, and maybe chat a bit with the crew. 

Did I mention it will be Happy Hour all night long???


Rose & Terry


  1. Congrats Rose and Terry! A well-deserved recognition. We love you and hope to see you lots this summer. Cheers!

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I think you are doing a great job. I only wish I was a local who could come by a couple times a week. Here are the details of my experience at the restaurant tonight.

    I came in for the selection of local craft brews on tap but was thrilled with the menu. I am a home brewer in New Hampshire and definitely appreciate craft brews. As far as I'm concerned, you are the only place to visit while I'm in Antigonish.

    As a fan of Food Network, I've gained an appreciation for what it takes make a successful kitchen and waitstaff. I feel you are doing well on both accounts.

    Tonight, was pretty busy, with a party of 8 being seated just before me. I was promptly served my appetizer, but did have to wait a bit for beer refills and entree. The bartender noticed I was waiting and served me my second beer. Through out the night, I notice Nicholé (not my waitress) stepping in to make sure drink and food orders were promptly taken and served. Kudos to her.

    Now to the food... Please pass my complements on to the Chef.
    I had the Filipino Ceviché and consider it the best part of the meal. The spicy Ceviché was great and I was happy to see it paired with a pickled watermelon. I think the watermelon "relish" had a vinaigrette with cranberry and olives. It went great with the haddock Ceviche.

    For an entree I got the curry special, which was a chicken tonight. The taste and heat were good, but the sauce was a little thick for me. I enjoyed it, but will select something else in the future.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and plan to come back tomorrow to sample the red chowder and another entree.

    Thank You

  3. One correction. I now remember the name of the server that I wanted to commend was Noela not Nicholé.

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